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Has It Been A Year Already?

All Zines Received for the 24 Hour Zine Thing 2012 Event!
Photo used under Creative Commons from Magical Mugz Studios on Flickr

Before last years event, I had dreams of making the 24 Hour Zine Thing 2012 the best year yet. And then life happened. Which brings us to one year later, with a wrap-up post of the 2012 event being posted in mid-July and participant pins just now being sent out.

Which brings us to an apology. The 24 Hour Zine Thing has been held each July since 2005, and since 2008 I have had the honor of receiving tons of 24 hour zines and getting to know each of you through handwritten letters, e-mails, Facebook posts and tweets. The sweet comments and little “thanks for everything you do!”s attached to your zines make hosting this event worthwhile, and I want to continue to make this event the best that it can be. Over the next few weeks I will be rolling out some new updates and surprises to make the 24 Hour Zine Thing even better!

And with that said, let’s wrap up 2012!

Congratulations to all 32 brave participants who completed a zine, from start to finish, in only 24 hours for the 2012 event! Here is a listing of all the zines received (and links to their blogs, Etsy shops, etc.):

  • 24 Thing to Love About Turning 24 by grouchymama
  • 9 Views of The Arbrary by Rachel Kopel
  • A Sea of Islands Versus Islands In A Far Sea by Kaden J
  • Adventures in Sky Mall by Rachel C-H
  • And All The Rest Is Talk #3 by Lindsey
  • Batgirl Was A Librarian by Bear Bahoochie
  • Bloomigrant by Bloomurder
  • Cherry Blossoms by Jessica
  • Cinnamon Insanity #1 by Anonymous
  • Dirty July #2 by Melanie
  • Fragile Like A Rubber Ball by Betty Rae
  • Gag (The 24H Edition) by Jade
  • How to Kick Yer Boots Up: A Short Ditty About Country Music by Miss C. Bean
  • Jazzhands #0: Kitty’s Guide to Urban Golf by Kitty Kerosene
  • Lady Teeth by tarynhipp
  • Lights Go Out (Issue 18) by Mr. T
  • LP’s Lists: A 24 Hour Zine by LogPoes
  • Madam Acne by Chiara
  • Mental Masturbation: 24H by Niila!
  • Mythologising Me 6: Change and Consumption by Ingrid
  • Nullium In Verba #1 by Calili
  • Power’d By Play! {4 Ways to Read} by A
  • Purple Myrtle Squeegy #4: A PMS Zine by Hadass Ben-Ari
  • Scary City Vol. 1 by +SCARE CITY+
  • She Had Black Hair by Christopher Felling
  • Summer School and More… 2012 by Stephen
  • The Routes We Wander: Issue 2 by ‘Larry’ Lee Taylor
  • The Universal Specific by Anna Vo
  • Things I Did During Int’l Zine Month by @lagina
  • Things That Work: A Zine About Things That Work by Lifeguard of Love
  • Tragic Boffin 4 by Donna
  • We Are Adventurers #1 by notpilgrim
  • Pins Already Sent:

  • Niila!
  • Anna Vo
  • Donna
  • Bloomurder
  • grouchymama
  • Kaden J.
  • Lifeguard of Love
  • Stephen
  • Rachel Kopel
  • Rachel C-H
  • Betty Rae
  • Pins to be sent on Monday, July 15, 2013:

  • Chiara
  • Calili
  • Jessica
  • Kitty Kerosene
  • Anonymous, Germany
  • LogPoes
  • Mr. T
  • Ingrid
  • Bear Bahoochie
  • Lindsey

  • If you have sent in your 2012 zine and do not see it listed, please contact me at 24hourzines(at)gmail.com. I have contacted all of the authors of the zines I have received in order to confirm mailing addresses before sending out the pins, so if you haven’t heard from me but see your zine listed above, shoot me an e-mail with your mailing address and I will send you pin out along with the others on Monday morning (or as soon as I hear from you).

    Thank you to all of your continued support, and Happy International Zine Month 2013!

    Zine Review – 10 Dirty Little Secrets by Shannon

    10 Dirty Little Secrets

    Shannon was one of the organizers for the 24 Hour Zine Thing for a few years, and created this amazingly honest 24 hour zine for the 2007 challenge. If you participated in the 2007 24HZT Grab Bag exchange, you were lucky enough to receive a copy of this zine!

    Name: Shannon
    City: Dieppe, New Brunswick
    Zine Goal: Size: I’m predicting quarter size, or tall half size
    Personal Challenge: I’d like to make something more artsy as opposed to my typical perzine, or themed issues. But we’ll see when it all happens! My zines are usually only 16 pages, so 24 will be more of a challenge.

    For her 24 hour zine, Shannon decided to explore the idea of “dirty little secrets”, noting on her first page that “it depends on the person, to determine how horrible the thing that was done” truly is. She goes on to list her own top ten dirty little secrets, describing her own feelings towards each of the subjects and how she handles these secrets throughout her everyday life. The secrets range from past experiences that she now regrets, her own feelings about herself, as well as recent events that had posed a problem in her life. Probably one of the most personal zines submitted to the 24 Hour Zine Thing project, Shannon’s zine is definitely a must-read.

    10 Dirty Little Secrets by Shannon
    click to see larger version of image

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    Zine Review – I Love This City by Ivana Stab

    treat on Flickr”>I Love This City

    Ivana created a wonderful zine for the 2007 24 Hour Zine Thing Challenge. You can see an inside scan below:

    I Love This City by Ivana Stab
    Name: Ivana Stab
    City: Sydney, patient Australia
    Zine Goal: Small perzine with a cute cover.

    Ivana’s zine is a lot like a list received from a friend of all the things to do in their hometown, filled with the insider’s scoop on where to go, what to do and who to talk to while you are there. She presents a disclaimer on the first page, insisting that “if you think I present the wrong image of Sydney please realize I’m not a travel agent, just an 18-year-old student having fun in her hometown…”, and she definitely aims her zine towards the type of audience that is willing to get lost in a new city and explore all the quirky things that make the city interesting. Her zine really could serve as a tiny travel guide, listing various restaurants, museums, and coffee shops pasted on top of black and white photographs with quotes by The Doors sprinkled throughout.

    I Love This City by Ivana Stab - Inside Scan
    click the image over to see a larger version

    Zine Review – Frankenstein Thumb #10 by John Dalton

    It’s almost been two weeks into the 2011 24 Hour Zine Thing, and many of you have already started creating zines! There have also been many wonderful events taking place all over the world to celebrate the idea of dedicating a full 24 uninterrupted hours to creating a 24 page zine. Have you already finished your zine? Did you attend a 24 hour zine event? If so, head over to the Facebook page and share some pictures, stories, anything you wish!

    To continue on with the zine reviews this week, check out John Dalton’s zine “Frankenstein Thumb #1″, submitted for the 2007 24 Hour Zine Thing.

    Frankenstein Thumb #1 by John Dalton

    John has experience in comic books, having participated in the 24 Hour Comic Challenge as well as the National 24 Hour Comics Day, but this was the first time he created an actual zine. His fun, comic-inspired zine is filled with childhood pictures, sketches, drawings and examples of past comic books and projects he has worked on, with explanations on each of the self-made comics featured and descriptions of the characters he created. John has also put in fun little articles, such as a crossword puzzle and a playlist that he used while working on the zine. A great read for anyone interested in comic zines!

    Frankenstein Thumb #1 by John Dalton

    Click the picture for a closer look!