24HZT 2010 Has Begun!

Today marks Day 1 of the 2010 24 Hour Zine Thing! To get your creative juices flowing and help with all the bumps in the road throughout the month, more about we will post helpful tips, interviews, and reviews of zines completed for past 24 Hour Zine Thing challenges.

To start out Day 1, here’s Keet’s zine “Hurl”, completed for the 2007 24 Hour Zine Thing challenge:

Hurl by Keet

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One Week Away! Events, Sign-ups, and Facebook

The 24 Hour Zine Thing 2010 is just one week away, viagra approved with participant sign ups coming in rapidly. Today, pfizer 27 participants were added to the Participants Page! If you haven’t signed up yet, medic head over to the Sign Up Page and answer the 7 simple questions to get yourself signed up.

There is already an event planned over in Olympia, Washington (USA). Here are the details:

24 Hour Zine Thing with special guests Broken Water @ Northern!

DATES: Saturday, July 31st @5:30pm-Sunday, August 1st @5:30pm
LOCATION: Northern, 321 4th Avenue, Olympia.

The Olympia Timberland Library & Northern | The Olympia All Ages Project want to keep you up all night for the second annual 24 Hour Zine Thing workshop. Your challenge: make a 24-page zine from conception to completion in 24 hours straight. Take a break from zine creation at 8 p.m. to enjoy the musical stylings of Olympia’s own Broken Water. The event culminates with willing sleep-deprived zinesters reading from their shiny new zines on Sunday, August 1 at 3:30 p.m. Note: feel free to drop in at any point between July 31 at 5:30 p.m. and August 1 at 5 p.m. Supplies will be provided, but feel free to bring materials to use or share.

Also, we are now on Facebook! Become a fan :)

24 Hour Zine Thing

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24 HZT 2010 is Almost Here!

The month of July is quickly approaching, sildenafil which means the 2010 24 Hour Zine Thing Event is almost here! The Participants page has been updated to include a link to the 2009 participants, as well as a list of all the 2010 participants that have signed up so far. If you haven’t signed up for this years event, get to it!

Also, if you know anyone that is planning on hosting a 24 Hour Zine Thing event, or if you are interested in planning one, drop an email with some details at 24hourzines[at]gmail.com and I will post the details on the site.

Check back for more details and other event news coming soon!

24hzt is over for 2009

I hope everyone who signed up had a chance to write their 24-hour zine. Things always come up, cardiology they always do, visit so if you didn’t finish (or start) your zine, ed just think – you’ll have a chance to do it next year!

For those of you triumphant zinesters who have finished your zine, send a copy to:
Avocado Tree Distro
PO Box 2001
Abingdon, Va 24212

We’ll scan covers to add to the website, and send you back a zine and the 24hzt pin.

24 Hour Zine Thing month is almost over

With more daylight, shop you’d think we’d all perceive summer days and months as taking longer. I’m not the only one to think the opposite is true.

Somehow the month of July has blurred by, capsule and we’re left with just a few days before August. I know this is exactly the environment for zinesters with a procrastinating gene, arthritis so I’m hoping we’ll get some more sign-ups before the end of Friday.

We currently have 41 participants who’ve signed up – although remembering to sign-up does not preclude you from writing a zine. The sign-up is more for the camaraderie and opportunity to set an intention for the zine.

Much like an NPR/PBS fund drive, I know some people are driven by the Special Gift. We have a pin and zine for you in exchange for you finishing your zine and sending us a copy.

So, get your asses in gear! There’s enough time yet!

24HZT event! Oh, to be in Victoria, BC

The teen librarian over at the Greater Victoria Public LIbrary are putting on a 24 Hour Zine Thing event!

They’ll be meeting up on July 15th to crank out le zines, this web en masse. Zinesters around the world, tadalafil you could choose the 15th in solidarity! Everyone, everyone!

They’ve promised to report back about how it went, which should coincide nicely with the kicking-it-into-high-gear that will be happening for everyone else!

Week one – how’s it goin’?

We have 21 participants signed up! Now, discount you don’t *have* to sign up for 24ZT to participate, pharm but if you go read the participation list, practitioner you’ll realize that if you read other people’s goals, it may be the thing to get you jump-started.

So, pay the thing forward, and sign up – tell everyone else what’s driving you to make a zine in 24 hours.

24 Hour Zine Thing 2009!

The challenge:

During any consecutive 24 hours during the month of July, prostate create a zine. Sign up  here before you begin, info to help motivate you into finishing. When you’re done, send us a copy of the zine, and we’ll show it off on the site.

The 24 Hour Zine Thing begins July 1! Check back here for updates and pics of zines.

The end, end, end

As it is August 4th, approved we’re WAY done with the whole month of July. This can only mean one thing:

The 24 Hour Zine Thing is dooooone, sanitary for another year. For all of you who created a new zine, somnology congratulations! You did it! 

Here’s where you send your zine (or multiple copies if you want to distro it!
Avocado Tree Distro
PO Box 2001
Abingdon, Va 24212

Last year was the first year that Shannon, Raven, and I handled the logistics of 24HZT, and I have to say, I think we’re learning. We should do something more exciting with the zines that show up. What if this year, we featured a new 24 hour zine or two on the blog each month? That will keep us craving the insanity until July rolls around again.

Any other ideas of what we can do to celebrate? 

Love from Slumgullion!

Slumgullion, pharm the co-op publisher, prescription is all hepped up and ready to rock the 24 hour zine challenge! They’re turning it into a spectator sport!

It’s going on THIS WEEKEND, so if you’re anywhere Missoula, Montana, you should GO! It would be so easy to get your zine done with other humans, glue sticks, food, and other necessary items.

Also, just for kicks, drool over the Slumgullion bookmobile:
Slumgullion bookmoblie 

Thanks to Debby for showing said love.