2007 Participants

Name: Louise VonA

City: Toronto, discount Ontario
Zine Goal:
-Make a perzine
-Not fuss over finnicky details

Name: karin
City: bern, bronchitis switzerland
Zine Goal: this should kick my ass, injection i haven’t made a zine in almost a
year and i need some motivation. what’s better than that? so i’ll get
a bottle of wine and some cool cds out. and then i’m ready to start

Name: nzgoddess
City: Golden Bay (south island) New Zealand
Zine Goal: I have so many ideas for zines, so many scraps of paper
with scribbles of ideas and even long drawn out versions of stories I
wish to share – but I always seem to loose the best parts in the
editing stage .. Limited time might be just what I need to actually
finish something worth publishing? So yeah – my goal is to just
finish a zine :)

Name: Ivana Stab
City: Sydney, Australia
Zine Goal: Small perzine with a cute cover.

Name: Chella Quint
City: Yorkshire, UK
Zine Goal: Something different from last year AND from the year
before! Perhaps a hand drawn and lettered zine, a mini zine or another
illustrated one. I’d like to get away from computers this time. Then
again, I have no idea what’s gonna happen on the day, so stay tuned!

Name: Rick Silva
City: Osterville, MA
Zine Goal: Digest sized. My usual zine is more of a newsletter, so
I’d like to do this one in a more “traditional” zine look, with more
collage stuff and minimal white space.

Name: Laura Cushing
City: Williamstown, NJ
Zine Goal: I don’t know yet! I have some ideas floating around in
there. I only made a ‘zine once, and I want to try again to make one
in a more traditional style. Maybe I will make a lit zine with stories
and poems. Or one all centered around a specific character, or group
of characters.
Or maybe I will write a mixture of all sorts of things. I don’t know.

Name: Shannon
City: Dieppe, New Brunswick
Zine Goal: Size: I’m predicting quarter size, or tall half size
Personal Challenge: I’d like to make something more artsy as apposed
to my typical perzine, or themed issues. But we’ll see when it all
happens! My zines are usually only 16 pages, so 24 will be more of a

Name: Kat Through
City: Southgate, MI
Zine Goal: All typed, half-sized…an interesting, satisfying zine. I
want it to be good.

Name: chelsea
City: pittsburgh, pa
Zine Goal: a 24 page quarter size zine that includes more original
layout and artwork than my zines usually do, rather than just my usual
cut and paste. i want to make a zine that’s more image-heavy than
text-heavy for a change.

Name: Orchid
City: Roseburg, OR
Zine Goal: Include some original fiction/art, because I always wuss
out on that.

Name: Kayleen
City: Kingston, Ontario
Zine Goal: To actually get a zine published.
My goals are modest.

Name: Katie
City: Falls Church, VA
Zine Goal: The goal is to make a zine in 24hrs. No restrictions.

Name: Nicci
City: Cincinnati, OH
Zine Goal: to finish a fun, funky little zine as per the
requirements. not sure of the topic until i begin!

Name: Charlene C.
City: Edinburg, TX

Name: Miriam
City: Baltimore, MD
Zine Goal: Very small diary zine THAT WILL BE FINISHED!!!!!

Name: Raven
City: Abingdon, VA
Zine Goal: A completely handwritten zine with a handmade touch. And tons of art.

Name: Kim Riot
City: San Diego, CA
Zine Goal: A docu-mini style zine dedicating my years living and
breathing heavy metal as a girl.

Name: Mae Undead
City: San Jose, CA
Zine Goal: I wanna try to write a fiction zine this time. I usually
write personal zines.

Name: Joe Blades
City: Fredericton, NB
Zine Goal: something real now . . .art & writing. haven’t done a zine
in years, just journals and books

Name: Rebekah
City: Philly, PA
Zine Goal: not sure yet but I’m thinking something miny (maybe
chunky) and fun. Whenever I start the 24 hours I will hopefully be

Name: Keet
City: Toronto, Ontario
Zine Goal: Make a zine with all my own writing and drawing. No
quotes, no clip art, no magazine cutouts whatsoever.

Name: Amber Farthing
City: Lindsay, Ontario
Zine Goal: Just to wtite a good zine, I guess. I write a perzine
called Culture Slut and I currently have nine issues out. Issue ten
will be done in 24 hours.

Name: Maranda
City: Guelph, Ontario
Zine Goal: There is no particular goal in my mind. I have never made
a 24-hour zine before, so I just wanna try it out and see what all the
fuss is about! It will likely be a perzine, as is my usual style, but
obviously it will be much more spontaneous, as is the nature of the

Name: Sunday Kofax
City: New Bedford, MA
Zine Goal: I think I want to make a specific focus – a zine about
collarbone breaks. Kind of like “About My Disappearance“.

Name: Hannah/Jethra
City: Upper Valley, NH
Zine Goal: I am not really sure what I have planned. I will see what
happens in the moment ;)

Name: Chrissy
City: Nacogdoches, TX
Zine Goal: collage! creativity! completed!

Name: Sarah
City: Indianapoli, IN

Name: Holly
City: Atlanta,GA
Zine Goal: Write, illustrate and print first zine.

Name: Sharon L. Pruitt
City: St. Louis, MO
Zine Goal: To be uninhibited in what I write. To not only finish but
feel proud of the final product.

Name: Tom Brunsdon
City: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England

Name: dawn michele
City: lawrence, ks
Zine Goal: to remind myself how.

Name: Coorain
City: Newcastle, ME
Zine Goal: To complete the zine (it will be my second one! the first
one took 2 1/2 weeks!)

Name: Ariel
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zine Goal: Actually complete a zine!

Name: Zachary
City: Rock Island, IL
Zine Goal: I have no clue what I’m going to aim for with this zine-
and maybe that’s for the best!

Name: Sabrina
City: Willingboro, NJ
Zine Goal: I want to write a personal zine and print it in color!

Name: Mia Crean
City: Belfast, Ireland
Zine Goal: I’m going to have a think about it today and start
tomorrow ! Thinking something along the line of “Places I’ve slept
around here” don’t know yet though !

Name: Ester Jürmann
City: Kohtla-Järve, Estonia

Name: Dina
City: Mill Spring, NC
Zine Goal: Genuine writing. Clean, 1/4-sized layout. An actually

Name: Bettie
City: Keswick, UK
Zine Goal: To not proof everything x1000 and to make a thing of

Name: Jo Cook
City: Mayne Island, BC, Canada
Zine Goal: Don’t know. Shouldn’t know. It’s gotta flow.

Name: Emma T
City: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK
Zine Goal: to actually do it all in 24hours, no thinking of ideas
ahead of time.

Name: Becca Confidential
City: Fort Worth, TX
Zine Goal: I want to write a second issue for the 24hz I wrote last

Name: Melanie
City: Bellevue, OH
Zine Goal: to finally make a new zine after not doing so in over a

Name: Tiara
City: Brisbane, QLD
Country: Australia (though half the month I’m in Malaysia)
Zine Goal: To make a zine, haha!

Name: Sarah
City: Lafayette, IN
Zine Goal: I simple perzine. I haven’t attempted a zine in some time,
so it should be a good challenge for me.

Name: Ashlee Ganon
City: Las Vegas, NV
Zine Goal: My goal is to finish my zine Bad Habit. And also, to have
my distro be a success.

Name: Alexis Stewart
City: Huntington, WV
Zine Goal: I want to make a quarter-size zine to get me back on track
with my regular half-size zine. Hopefully this will be just the kick
in the ass I need.

Name: Amy Wilson
City: Lompoc, CA
Zine Goal: to actually finish it in 24 hours!

Name: tukru obscene
City: chatham, kent, UK
Zine Goal: quarter size, try a bit more text than usual quick ones.

Name: Anke
City: Neuwied, Germany
Zine Goal: complete a zine

Name: Lou Redcloud
City: Durham, NC
Zine Goal: Hold it to some aesthetic standards without being a perfectionist.

Name: Ainsley
City: washougal, WA
Zine Goal: All I know is that I want my zine to be stab bound and for
the paper to be 1/4 sized. Not sure on my topic but all I really want
to do is get the thing done.

Name: Kelly
City: Rockville, MD
Zine Goal: Make my first zine ever, and be creative without any

Name: Karis West
City: Santa Rosa, CA

Name: J. Wilber
City: Milwaukee, WI
Zine Goal: Just write whatever comes to my mind, first thought best thought style, and worry about the editing afterward.

City: prince george, british columbia, canada
Zine goal: 24 pages on one topic (hard for me…as my mind tends to wander) :)

name: adrienne
City: dallas, tx
Zine goal: to write something that’s introspective yet inclusive and which won’t put readers to sleep, and to shove some interesting artwork (mine or otherwise) in there.