2008 Participants

Name: Shannon
City: Dieppe
State/Province: New Brunswick
Country: Canada
Zine Goal: To try a zine in a new format (I usually do half-size). I
also want to make it a stand-alone zine as apposed to my typical

Name: Vicki Bloom
City: Yorktown Heights
State/Province: New York
Zine Goal: I’ve been following ‘zine cuture for probably 2 decades, mind
but have never made one. This gives me a reason to try. Trying to be
good about not pre-thinking the details.

Name: shane
City: houston
State/Province: tx
Zine Goal: i want to get out of my apartment most of the day and get
my inspiration from the neighborhood I live in. My last unfinished 24
hour comic used a similar challenge, riding the bus all day and
drawing people (on the bus or at places I stopped) in sequential

Name: lieslieslies
City: Cambridge
State/Province: CAMBS.
Country: UK

Name: Larisa Dutil
City: Montreal
State/Province: Quebec
Country: Canada
Zine Goal: Make a zine, about my and my friends’ cats, in 24hours!

Name: Chimo Chan
City: Toronto
State/Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Zine Goal: 1/2 size, possibly cropped

Name: serah-marie mcmahon
City: Toronto
State/Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Zine Goal: to make a zine in 24 hours?

Name: Liska
City: Montreal
State/Province: Quebec
Country: Canada
Zine Goal: Knowledge-sharing. My default approach with anything is to
immediately make it personal, so I want to avoid going straight for a
perzine and instead create something that shares my knowledge of
something. How-to or not!

Name: Grace Mueller
City: Portland
State/Province: Maine
Zine Goal: This will be my first zine! So beyond just physically
making the thing, I would love it to be something I can be proud of.

Name: Cat
City: Richmond
State/Province: VA
Zine Goal: I’d like to make a 5000 word zine of fiction (maybe short
stories, maybe one big long story) spread out over the 24 pages. I
think I can do it!

Name: chrissy hennessey
City: nacogdoches
State/Province: texas
Zine Goal: i signed up last year and flaked, so i’d like to do it FOR
REAL this year. i think that my zine *might* be something about
librarianship and social media, which would be really funny and ironic
(to me at least).

Name: Average Jane Crafter
City: Austin
State/Province: TX
Zine Goal: fun!

Name: bobbie
City: los alamos
State/Province: nm
Zine Goal: make one in 24 hours.

Name: Jen
City: Lindsay
State/Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Zine Goal: My first zine! Quarter-sized! Exclamation!

Name: J. D. Nelson
City: Ape City
State/Province: Colorado
Zine Goal: 24 hrs

Name: Ainsley
City: Washougal
State/Province: Washington
Zine Goal: I want to make a quarter sized zine about some important
issue to me. Not quite sure on what issue I should talk about. I’m
thinking about talking about peak-oil, meat, corporations, or
something else.

Name: Civitron
City: New Bedford
State/Province: Massachusetts [secret.city]
Zine Goal: How to be a superhero with the “Secret Society of
– at least 25 pages
– 2 pages per hour
– fully illustrated by hand!
– kid friendly but not childish
– totally friggin awesome!

Name: Poppy Arakelian
City: Haverhill
State/Province: MA

Name: Waltzing Matilda
City: Milwaukee
State/Province: Wisconsin
Zine Goal: To do all the artwork myself.

Name: Justynn Tyme
City: wilmington
State/Province: delaware
Zine Goal: to finally put together one (or more) zines together that
I’ve been putting off for years and years.

Name: Jennifer Parsons
City: Wayne
State/Province: NJ
Zine Goal: just to get the darn thing done!

Name: Teresa!
City: Fall River
State/Province: Massachusetts
Zine Goal: I have no idea, really. I’ll think of that at the
beginning of my 24 hours. =D

Name: Sarah Sprouse
City: Annandale
State/Province: Virginia
Zine Goal: I’ve never made a zine before, although I’ve read several.
So, my big goal is just to be able to actually create a full zine! I’m
a complete newbie.

Name: Sheila Lee Dignazio
City: W. Hazleton
State/Province: PA
Zine Goal: a zine about taking care of chronic back pain without
using drugs

Name: Katie
City: Philadelphia
State/Province: PA
Zine Goal: I finished a collection of poems about two months ago and haven’t written a single poem since. I think I will use the challenge to kick me in the butt to do nothing but write poems one day this month. (And lay out and copy them into a zine, of course.) Have fun, everyone …

Name: Emily Frances
City: Asheville
State/Province: NC
Zine Goal: i’ve been meaning to write a zine about my study abroad
experiences for about a year now. i guess i’ll use this to kick my
butt into gear!

Name: Hannah Neurotica
City: Keene
State/Province: NH
Zine Goal: My goal is to complete a fictional “zineplay.” Whatever
that means I have no idea but we will find out!

Name: Maranda
City: Lindsay
State/Province: Ontario
Zine Goal: To write another awesome zine within a 24-hour time period!

Name: melanie
City: swarthmore
State/Province: pa
Zine Goal: It’s been…wow, over a decade since the last time I
worked on a zine, and I’ve really been missing it lately. My goal is
to make something a little goofy and sloppy and to have fun with it.
I have no idea what the finished product will look like; I just hope
it’s finished.

Name: Angela
City: Chelmsford
State/Province: MA
Zine Goal: I’ve been working on a concept for my very first zine for
months now, and I can’t pin anything down. With the rules and time
frame, I hope to just sit down and let something, anything, flow out
and onto the page!

Name: colly
City: london/ (for july in) cardiff
State/Province: wales
Zine Goal: not to write a diary. probs some thoughts on wales, a good
theme or story would be better though maybe.

Name: mike baker
City: tallahassee
State/Province: florida
Zine Goal: I want to make something that will stand up past its being
a 24 hour zine. I have no idea what that means yet but I’m pretty sure
the format with be 1/4 legal.

Name: Miss Undead
City: San Francisco
State/Province: CA
Zine Goal: My original goal for last year was to create a fiction
zine and I didn’t fulfill that goal. I should this year.

Name: Daphne Volante a.k.a. hAm cZandwitch
City: Ottawa
State/Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Zine Goal: half-page size. sleep dep stream of consciousnes.

Name: Candace
City: Melbourne
State/Province: Victoria
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: I’d like to make one entirely on my typewriter for once.
I’d like to see if I can make it reasonably small in size. Possibly
quarter sized on 1/16th.

Name: ashley
City: denton
State/Province: tx
Zine Goal: to finish! and to not fuck it up all to hell!

Name: Sharon L. P.
City: St. Louis
State/Province: Missouri
Zine Goal: I think I’d like to try out a new, unfamiliar layout.
Mostly I just want to be proud of the finished product.

Name: Bri
City: Kent
State/Province: OH
Zine Goal: either a quarter or half-sized zine about feminism and
queer theory and how it ties into my life.

Name: Tia D’Nique
City: Millen
State/Province: Georgia
Zine Goal: To finish it!!!!!!!! No, I really want to put myself out
there and finally express myself. It’s hard where I live being
yourself-in my case being mixed (black and latina) if you don’t ‘act’
like your race then it causes loads of problems. So I’m thinking about
doing a zine that talks about idenity-but in a funny way because I
love being crazy-weird!!!!!!

Name: John Oak Dalton
City: Farmland
State/Province: IN
Zine Goal: Dang, has it been a year already? I guess I will do a
follow-up to last year’s Frankenstein Thumb #1, which was about comics
in the 70s. I guess I have about a week to decide what Frankenstein
Thumb #2 will be about. I haven’t done any in between so there should
be some fertile ground.

Name: hill
Zine Goal: to end a saturday feeling truly accomplished

Name: Hannah
City: houston
State/Province: texas
Zine Goal: to write only on my typewriter, without allowing myself to
edit or censor what i’ve written! i’m a huge perfectionist when it
comes to my writing, so this is gonna be hard for me.

Name: Kat
City: Madison
State/Province: WI
Zine Goal: I can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing
— I press the “delete” key way too much. So my goal was to make a
zine that was entirely handwritten. No computer, no “delete” key.

Name: Jolie Noggle
City: Greenville
State/Province: Ohio
Zine Goal: Today i wrote a zine in an hour & a half. i plan to finish
that zine in the next 24 hours!

Name: emilie helman
City: Cincinnati
State/Province: OH

Name: Mandy
City: Falmouth
State/Province: Virginia
Zine Goal: To make a zine in 24-hours that I’d want to keep making

Name: Olivia Horvath
City: Croton-on-Hudson
State/Province: NY
Zine Goal: to start and finish (illustrate and write) a half-sized
personal zine about my summer thus far, reflecting on a few ideas that
have been formulating for way too long!

Name: Niku
City: Austin
State/Province: TX
Zine Goal: Finishing within the 24 hours (I usually take months with
excruciating layout detail, editing and rearranging, etc. to make a
zine), not using a computer at all for text – typewriter and
handwritten only, possibly making a little zine within a larger zine,

Name: ella
City: vancouver
State/Province: BC
Zine Goal: My goal is to just let stuff out and not worry about if
I’m coming across as spewing written diarrhea.

Name: Trebro
City: Pittsbugh
State/Province: PA
Zine Goal: Just to get it finished! :)

Name: miss tukru
City: chatham
State/Province: kent
Country: uk

Name: Dana Gutierrez
City: Kalispell
State/Province: Montana
Zine Goal: To finish! Possibly do something about the surrounding
rocky mountains?

Name: Erica S.
City: Pittsburgh
State/Province: PA
Zine Goal: To create my first comics zine and get my boyfriend off my
back about doing this.