2009 Participants

Name: Kim
City: Bristol
State/Province: Avon
Country: England

Name: Frances
City: Taylor
State/Province: Cumbria
Country: England, web UK

Name: Denise Francisco
City: Brownsville
State/Province: Texas

Name: Eunice
City: Aberystwyth
State/Province: Ceredigion
Country: Wales, UK
Zine Goal: To get my perzine “Crone” finished and make a separate 24 hour zine.

Name: nico
City: milwaukee
State/Province: wisconsin

Name: Erin H
City: Keyport
State/Province: NJ
Country: USA
Zine Goal: I plan to write about my trip to Niagara Falls – my fear of water, long car rides, and the wheelchair accessibility of the park. My goal is to get it done, and be pleased with how it turns out.

Name: Kelsey Smith

City: Olympia
State/Province: WA
Zine Goal: I’ve created lots of artist books but only one true zine. My goal is to make a zine that I can be proud of and rid myself of zinemaking trepidation.

Name: Karen
City: Sydney
State/Province: NSW
Country: Australia

Name: Fran H
City: Newcastle
State/Province: NSW
Country: Australia

Name: Melanie
City: Bellevue
State/Province: Ohio
Zine Goal: I am thinking about making a mini zine about my pregnancies. Or my relationship. I have a lot of ideas, I just need the right motivation to get started!! I haven’t made a zine since the 2007 24 hour zine thing so I’m ready to go!!

Name: Kee
City: Toronto
State/Province: Ontario
Country: Canada

Name: Hannah Sheehan
City: Murfreesboro
State/Province: TN
Zine Goal: I want to make a mini-zine about bento box lunches!

Name: Jennie Rose Halperin
City: Island Pond
State/Province: VT
Country: USA
Zine Goal: I would like to make a zine about farming, in particular the farm I am staying on this summer!

Name: Ivana Stab
City: Sydney
State/Province: NSW
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: To remember to get it done!

Name: Samantha
City: New Britain
State/Province: Connecticut
Country: USA
Zine Goal: Just to finish a zine period. I haven’t done one in years, & I want to get back on track.

Name: Chiara
City: Canberra
State/Province: ACT
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: To complete a 24-page zine. I have so many half-made zines lying around that I really do need to just finish one for once.

Name: Bri
City: Kent
State/Province: Ohio
Country: USA
Zine Goal: To finally complete this challenge! I always sort of bend the rules each year, or never send my zine in.

Name: Louise Viner
City: Lincoln
State/Province: Lincolnshire
Country: United Kingdom

Name: Chantel G.
City: Lawrence
State/Province: Kansas
Country: USA
Zine Goal: 24 pages and GRAPHICS instead of the plain white background I usually do. More images cut from magazines and pasted in. Lots of visual stimulation.

Name: Jade
City: Sydney
State/Province: NSW
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: to make a zine over 24 hours

Name: Mab
City: State College
State/Province: PA
Country: USA
Zine Goal: To make a zine that is partially typed, but also features my handwriting, and to use materials I’m not used to zining with. Also to make something without a lot of white space or lame filler pieces.

Name: Megan
City: Ontario
State/Province: CA
Country: USA
Zine Goal: Only three zine issues in 8 years?! The 24-Hour Zine event
will lovingly force me to make issue 4.

Name: Niku
City: Austin
State/Province: TX
Country: usa
Zine Goal: help break out of zine-block I’ve been experiencing, use
great graphics and unusual materials I’ve collected.

Name: Matilda Kensington (nom de plume)
City: Mountain Home
State/Province: AR
Country: USA
Zine Goal: Size: 3 5/8″ x 6 1/2″ or the size of a standard envelope.
I’m weird like that.
Personal Goal: To hand-write as much of the zine as possible since I
have carpal tunnels and have a very hard time writing. Also, just to
get the damn thing DONE. I also want to write a zine that is 99.9%
authentic. The only lie? My name.

Name: Amanda
City: Wollonong
State/Province: NSW
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: I want my handwriting to be legible.

Name: Tuan Vu Tran
City: Corona
State/Province: California
Country: U.S.A.

Name: Lotte Rubbish
City: Baltimore
State/Province: Maryland

Name: Emma Falconer
City: Brighton
State/Province: Sussex
Country: UK
Zine Goal: My first year! I was going to do it last year, but had to
work too long hours to manage it. Second time lucky …

Name: kath
City: sydney
State/Province: nsw
Country: australia
Zine Goal: to get it finished

Name: Janell
City: Singapore
State/Province: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Zine Goal: Create a zine with content that I’ve never put in a zine

Name: Jessica Lynn Wilber, aka Waltzing Matilda
City: Racine
State/Province: Wisconsin
Country: US
Zine Goal: Just to get a new issue finished quickly, instead of
overthinking it and taking months to finish it.

Name: Hannah/ dumpstermouse
City: Austin
State/Province: TX
Zine Goal: to write a 24 hour perzine about moving to austin! i’ve
been thinking about it for awhile and this is the motivation i need.

Name: alix kemp
City: fishers
State/Province: in
Country: usa

Name: Mae
City: San Francisco
State/Province: CA
Zine Goal: To finally finish a damn zine this year!

Name: Pippa
City: Sheffield
State/Province: South Yorkshire
Zine Goal: My first completed zine!

Name: redguard
City: Brooklyn
State/Province: NY
Country: USA
Zine Goal: To make a 24-hour zine on my birthday, July 16th

Name: Maré Odomo
City: Los Gatos
State/Province: CA
Country: United States
Zine Goal: I have no idea.

Name: Caleb T. Maupin
City: Berea
State/Province: OH
Country: USA
Zine Goal: Half a page size. Lots of graphics. A nice cover. Text
void of grammatical errors.

Name: incurable hippie
City: Sheffield
State/Province: South Yorkshire
Country: UK
Zine Goal: To complete my first zine!

Name: Alicia
City: Raleigh
State/Province: NC

Name: RR
City: Conway
State/Province: AR
Zine Goal: Simply to participate: I learned about this challenge in
2007 and I finally want to DO it.

Name: Chella Quint
City: Berlin for now!
State/Province: but normally in Yorkshire
Country: England
Zine Goal: 24 A4 pages of Adbusting goodness – Vintage Women –
Deconstructing Advertising messages from the 50s and beyond. A comp
zine done in 5 hours!