2010 Participants

Name: Mandy
City: Fredericksburg
State/Province: Virginia
Country: USA

Name: Rap Legend Jesse Dangerously
City: Ottawa
State/Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Zine Goal: I haven’t got a goal yet, this web I won’t be starting until

Name: Antonio Augusto
City: São Paulo
State/Province: São Paulo
Country: Brazil
Zine Goal: I will figure it out tomorrow

Name: Rick Silva
City: Marstons Mills
State/Province: MA
Country: USA
Zine Goal: 24-Page low-tech (hand-written and stamped) zine on
parenting/adoption experiences. Created on the road with my son.

Name: Rosemary Richings
City: Toronto
State/Province: Ontario
Zine Goal: be spontaneous and see what happens. I created my first
zine this year and I have some more (possible) ideas. This will
motivate me to challenge myself to finish this and hopefully finish
this in 24 hours!

Name: Silvia Chenault
City: Fresno
State/Province: CA
Zine Goal: quarter size, hospital b&w, tuberculosis art and text, 16 pages.

Name: toronto zine library
City: toronto
State/Province: ontario
Country: canada
Zine Goal: join the folks from the toronto zine library as we start
our 24 hr zines this wednesday, july 28th at 5pm at the TZL (2nd floor
of the tranzac club, 292 brunswick ave). bring your ideas, your
favourite zine making supplies, and a snacks. this event is free!

Name: ‘Larry’ Lee Taylor
City: Wolverhampton
State/Province: West Midlands
Country: England
Zine Goal: Firstly, to stay awake for 24 hours (if necessary). On top
of that, create a zine without the use of a computer…

Name: Calvin Chaotic
City: Dundas
State/Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Zine Goal: Well, I already made a 24 hour zine. Hah. It was supposed
to be a practice one, and I was going to get around to doing a full,
really nice one later, but my friends bailed and didnt want to make
their own. So hence the crappy subject and such, its about my
boyfriend. But whatever. Its 24 pages long, quarter sized, and took,
~10 hours to do. Stop and go. WHich makes me feel bad, because I
wouldve spent more time on it if I knew I was actually going to send
it in. Ob la di. My body wont let me stay up late.

Name: denisedenies
City: Brownsville
State/Province: Texas
Country: USA
Zine Goal: finish the 24-page zine this year!

Name: Liz
City: Macon
State/Province: GA
Country: United States
Zine Goal: To finish! To accept imperfections and tell a long-winded
story of whatever happens to be in my head on the 31st.

Name: Mab
City: State College
State/Province: PA
Country: USA
Zine Goal: To do a zine in the style of my art journals

Name: mo
City: charlotte
State/Province: nc

Name: Leonie Brialey
City: Perth
State/Province: WA
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: To confront the blank page!

Name: Laura W-A
City: Ponca City
State/Province: OK
Country: USA
Zine Goal: kickstart my art.

Name: Jessie Lynn McMains, aka Waltzing Matilda
City: Oakland
State/Province: California
Country: USA
Zine Goal: To write the zine I’ve been thinking about for months &
months but have never actually started.

Name: Jen
City: Totnes/Brighton
State/Province: Devon/Sussex
Country: UK
Zine Goal: To make my first ever zine and fill it with things I need
to get off my chest. It will be cathartic, like doing a massive poo

Name: Sam(antha)
City: Rochester
State/Province: NH
Country: USA
Zine Goal: To finish my first solo zine. Will probably be a quarter
size zine focusing on how I used to be Roman Catholic but have since
moved far, far away from all that.

Name: Julie Vee
City: Costa Mesa
State/Province: CA
Zine Goal: Make a zine dedicated to my friends.

Name: Hannah Neurotica
City: Keene
State/Province: New Hampshire
Country: USA
Zine Goal: create a 24 page mini zine about…..well, we will see wont

Name: Dawn Wing
City: Queens
State/Province: New York

Name: Chelsea
City: Rosendale
State/Province: NY
Country: USA
Zine Goal: To make (and finish) my first zine in my new house. And to
get on track with making zines!

Name: Kagey
City: Toronto
State/Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Zine Goal: To make a one-shot zine of letters to people.

Name: Aj Michel
City: Philadelphia-ish
State/Province: PA
Country: USA
Zine Goal: My usual zine, SYNDICATE PRODUCT, is a compilation zine with a clean, sparse, stylized layout, digest-sized. For 24HZT, I want to make a zine that is 100% my content, add some collages, and do less on the computer. Want to do 1/4-legal sized. Was going to handwrite it all, but cramp-y hands and age prevent that. Still may do some handwriting in the collages.

Name: Jesse
City: Beaverton
State/Province: Oregon

Name: Laura Chessum
City: Gold coast
State/Province: Queensland
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: To not make any spelling mistakes.

Name: jolie nunez-noggle
City: bradford
State/Province: ohio
Country: usa
Zine Goal: 24 page 1/4 mini zine about my ticking biological clock…a
sequel to my mini zine from 2008 “tick tock biological clock”!

Name: Emily Jones
City: Preston
State/Province: Lancashire
Country: England

Name: Blue
City: Portland
State/Province: OR
Country: US
Zine Goal: A half-sized zine of 24 pages…

Name: Antonio Rilievo
City: Modena
State/Province: Emilia Romagna
Country: Italy

Name: brenda beene shackleford
City: roseville
State/Province: michigan
Country: US
Zine Goal: be totally spontaneous, finish and get a cool 1-inch
button, submit copies to the distro all in 24 hours)

Name: ERIN
City: Melbourne
State/Province: Vic
Country: Australia

Name: Aisling D’Art
City: Portsmouth
State/Province: NH
Country: USA
Zine Goal: A juicy, quirky zine about creativity.

Name: kath
City: sydney
State/Province: nsw
Country: australia
Zine Goal: to get it finished (again) & improve upon last years

Name: Melanie
City: Bellevue
State/Province: Ohio
Zine Goal: to finish a zine. its been 3 years since i’ve made one &
i’m ready to put one out!!

Name: Liz
City: Detroit
State/Province: MI
Country: USA
Zine Goal: To just DO it (well)- always, be dada!

Name: Alex Wrekk
City: Portland
State/Province: Oregon
Country: USA
Zine Goal: As a fund raiser for the Portland zine symposium (http://www.pdxzines.com) we are hosting a 24 hour zine challenge at the Independent Publishing Resource Center (http://www.iprc.org). I hope to finally finish a 24 hour zine this year! If you you would like to sign up, see who is participating or can’t make it and would like to sponsor a zine maker go here http://www.pdxzines.com/writing/128/

Name: Daisy
City: Melbourne
State/Province: Victoria
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: To make each page count and not judge my work too harshly!

Name: Hannah Dostine
City: Sunbury
State/Province: Victoria
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: to make a zine full of whatever things i imagine and create
in the 24 hours that is given to me before the end of July.

Name: Lydia Beardmore
City: Isle of Wight
State/Province: Isle of Wight
Country: UK
Zine Goal: To sneakily superimpose a picture of a kitten into my zine.

Name: Amanda
City: Wollongong
State/Province: NSW
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: 1/4 size, 24 pages, hopefully i’ll write a good story and
can draw some pictures in time.

Name: Elizabeth
City: Fairfield
State/Province: NSW

Name: Laura Kaplan
City: Barrington
State/Province: RI
Country: USA
Zine Goal: To finish a zine in 24 hours, zines usually take me

Name: Janissa H.
City: Bowling Green
State/Province: KY
Zine Goal: This will be my first solo zine, and I just want to push
myself to be even more creative! I:0)

Name: Kelly
City: Vancouver
State/Province: BC

Name: Sage A
City: Dallas
State/Province: Georgia
Country: US
Zine Goal: Make a 24 page zine in 24 hours!

Name: Kione
City: Los Angeles
State/Province: California
Country: USA

Name: Bettie Walker
City: Blencogo
State/Province: Cumbria
Country: UK
Zine Goal: 1/4 size, 24 pages, no rules.

Name: josh medsker
City: astoria
State/Province: ny
Country: usa
Zine Goal: I want to make a funny zine. my zines are usually pretty

Name: jessica hall
City: Leicester
State/Province: leicestershire
Country: england
Zine Goal: To make an individual one off zine that, along with my
regualr zine I can be proud of.

Name: J. Parker
City: Geneva
State/Province: Ohio
Country: United States
Zine Goal: Clashing patterns, shapes, colors, and text.

Name: rose @bigail
City: pittsburgh
State/Province: pa
Zine Goal: 1/4 page with lots of drawings!

Name: kate
City: philadelphia
State/Province: pa
Country: us
Zine Goal: lots of collaging

Name: Brandy Lambert
City: Phoenix
State/Province: AZ
Country: USA
Zine Goal: Test my creativity…come up with something fresh and new.

Name: Sandra Fragola
City: Toronto
State/Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Zine Goal: Be spontaneous and run with my creativity-with scissors in

Name: Tee
City: Melbourne
State/Province: Victoria
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: Paper, words, copies, staples, postage.

Name: Rachel
City: San Diego
State/Province: CA
Country: USA
Zine Goal: To finish

Name: Kelsey Smith
City: Olympia
State/Province: Washington
Country: USA
Zine Goal: I just want to actually finish a quarter size or smaller
zine this year! I’m also hosting an event at my library… please
consider attending if you’re anywhere near Olympia Washington on July

Name: gizmo
City: beausoleil
State/Province: french riviera
Country: france
Zine Goal: probably something quarter-zized on alcohol.

Name: Julia Kirk
City: Tucson
State/Province: AZ
Country: United States
Zine Goal: A world free from unnecessary suffering

Name: Julie
City: Pittsburgh
State/Province: PA
Country: USA

Name: Laura
City: Brixton
State/Province: London
Zine Goal: make a perzine

Name: Carlos Palacios
City: Frankfurt
State/Province: Hesses
Country: Germany
Zine Goal: To be an open windown to express myself and let other
express themself as well

Name: Harley R. Pageot
City: Oshawa
State/Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Zine Goal: quarter-size

Name: Simon Parkin
City: Hove
State/Province: East Sussex
Country: UK
Zine Goal: I’m new to zines but I like deadlines so this is perfect.

Name: Kione
City: Los Angeles
State/Province: CA
Country: United States

Name: Alison Ridgway
City: Hinckley
State/Province: Leicestershire
Country: England, UK.
Zine Goal: To stop talking about making a zine and actually start
doing it.

Name: chelsea dirck
City: boston
State/Province: ma

Name: Dana
City: omaha
State/Province: ne
Zine Goal: To actually get something done!

Name: Megan LaCore
City: San Jose
State/Province: CA
Country: USA
Zine Goal: To find my zine voice! I’ve been toying with the zine idea
for years, and now it’s time to get to it!

Name: Chiara
City: Canberra
State/Province: ACT
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: Fill with drawings. Complete it. Send it.

Name: Emma Falconer
City: Brighton
State/Province: E Sussex
Country: UK
Zine Goal: As usual

Name: Eunice
City: Aberystwyth
State/Province: Ceredigion
Country: Wales
Zine Goal: I’ll be doing a quarter size zine again. My goal is to make
a minizine to go with it as well.

Name: Wendymoon
City: chicagoland
State/Province: IL
Zine Goal: I’m trying to be a bit more spontaneous in what I create
and I also need help finishing what I begin. This challenge should
help with both of those things!

Name: Yvonne
City: Matosinhos
State/Province: Porto
Country: Portugal
Zine Goal: to try and finally make a zine (even if just a mini zine),
and also to be part of a cool zine project!

Name: Ayun Halliday
City: Brooklyn
State/Province: NY
Zine Goal: I’m going to be making my zine on one of my days off while
working at Beam Camp in Strafford, NH.

Name: Miss Nico
City: Milwaukee
State/Province: WI
Zine Goal: Possibly a Milwaukee-themed zine. I’ve been talking about
it for years.

Name: Kathy Tran
City: Austin
State/Province: Texas
Zine Goal: I want to write about my two week road trip that I just got
back from.

Name: Ivan Pope
City: Brightoncisco
State/Province: East Sussex
Country: UK
Zine Goal: just to get one made

Name: moe bowstern
City: Portland
State/Province: OR
Country: United States
Zine Goal: 24 pages, 24 hours

Name: John Bobst
City: San Jose
State/Province: CA
Country: United States
Zine Goal: huh?

Name: Persephone Pomegranate
City: Manitou Springs
State/Province: Colorado
Country: USA

Name: Gothic Vamperstein
City: Kolnes
State/Province: Rogaland
Country: Norway

Name: Julie Turley
City: New York
State/Province: NY
Zine Goal: Do make a breastfeeding zine or a zine detailing my
experience as an unemployed librarian at ALA.

Name: Alexandra Gray
City: New York
State/Province: NY
Country: USA
Zine Goal: A 24-page 1/4 sized treasure, either all color or 50/50
color and B&W.

Name: Chiang Leng
City: Austin
State/Province: TX
Country: USA

Name: Katharine Houston
City: Brooklyn
State/Province: NY
Country: USA
Zine Goal: Size: 1/4 to 1/2 (we shall see when we get there)
Goal: I have never made a zine, so my goal is to create without

Name: Satia
City: Smyrna
State/Province: GA
Country: USA
Zine Goal: Probably a perzine but since I can’t go into it with any
ideas in place I guess I’ll surprise myself on the big day.

Name: Werdy Girl (aka Miss Alyss)
City: Pittsburgh
State/Province: PA
Zine Goal: – Draw some pictures
– Don’t plan ahead
– See what happens
– Repeat for the next 23 pages
– Finish
– Try
– Be fearless/stay honest

Name: Melissa Bastian
City: New York
State/Province: New York
Country: USA
Zine Goal: to make a zine worth reading a looking at; something that
years from now I will still want to pick up and flip through.

Name: VV
City: London
State/Province: London
Country: UK
Zine Goal: Art Zine featuring the collaborative work of emerging
female artists / new wave feminists Ellie Green and Bex Massey

Name: Nikki
City: London,
State/Province: Hackney
Country: UK
Zine Goal: To express whatever state I’m in that day and create
something to share in words and pictures

Name: isabel xochitl
City: berkeley
State/Province: california
Zine Goal: just keep working for 24 hours, even if i don’t get 24
pages, at least end up with a finished zine!!

Name: ManDuh
City: Liverpool
State/Province: NY
Country: USA
Zine Goal: Perzine, maybe 1/4 sized.

Name: E*phi
City: Graz
State/Province: Styria
Country: Austria
Zine Goal: Forget procrastination and insecurities, get going and
surprise myself!