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Sorry for the delay in zine scans and reviews, recipe it’s been one busy weekend! Three more participants have been added to the Participants Page, which makes 78 signed up so far! To celebrate, here are three reviews to help get you in the mood for some 24 hour zine making.

Summertime (and the living is easy) by D

Summertime (& The Living Is Easy) by Dina
Name: Dina
City: Mill Spring, NC
Zine Goal: Genuine writing. Clean, 1/4-sized layout. An actually

Dina’s zine perfectly embodies the carefree feeling many associate with the lazy days and warm nights of summer. Her black and white zine incorporates free-flowing text, with subject matter jumping from present tense adventures to daydreams of a life as an artist, with journals, notes, and music filling each day of her life, pasted over high contrast images and photographs. Dina’s zine is the perfect read to get you into the summer feeling.

Inside scan of Dina's zine

Cover scan of Becca's zine

Paper Clips #2 by Becca
Name: Becca Confidential
City: Fort Worth, TX
Zine Goal: I want to write a second issue for the 24hz I wrote last

A lot of thoughts cross your mind within a 24 hour period, and Becca has used her zine to capture the little segments of information and memories that pass through her mind throughout the day. Becca uses magazine cut outs and handwritten text to work through a variety of subjects, such as her boyfriend Chris and his recent departure for Basic Training, building feelings of pressure and anxiety, and finally, how she and Chris first met. Featuring many clippings of newspaper comics and a call for submissions for a new zine logo, Becca’s zine will constantly keep readers engaged.

Inside scan of Becca's zine

Cover scan of Maranda's zine
Little Acorns #1 by Maranda
Name: Maranda
City: Guelph, Ontario
Zine Goal: There is no particular goal in my mind. I have never made
a 24-hour zine before, so I just wanna try it out and see what all the
fuss is about! It will likely be a perzine, as is my usual style, but
obviously it will be much more spontaneous, as is the nature of the

Maranda explains on page one of her zine that this is “an attempt to put something honest and sincere into the world…”. Also serving as her first attempt at a 24 hour zine, Little Acorns #1 features writing in which Maranda explores her feelings about her current living arrangements, as well as an encounter with a big brown bat while walking home one night. Her zine combines scanned collages and bits of personal information that really is honest and sincere, creating a comfortable medium through which Maranda is able to express herself.

Inside scan of Maranda's zine

Hope those help you on your 24HZT journey!

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#1 Aisling D'Art on 07.19.10 at 11:01 am

Thanks for posting these reviews! These zines are SO inspiring, and the reviews (and scans) are helpful as I look at my calendar to decide which 24 hours will be dedicated to my own 24-hour-zine-thing zine.

Cheerfully, Aisling

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