2010 24 Hour Zine Thing is Officially Over!

This year’s event is finally over, sanitary and the zines are slowly rolling in. Congratulations to everyone that participated in the event and completed their 24 hour zine! And thank you to everyone who participated and helped to support the event. All pins waiting to be sent will be mailed out in the morning, otolaryngologist and please remember that the deadline for me to receive all 24 hour zines completed for this year’s event is Friday, August 20th, 2010.

If you organized an event and have pictures and follow-up information to share, please send all information to 24hourzines[at]gmail.com, and all completed zines may be sent to the address below:

Raven / 24 Hour Zine Thing
PO Box 2001
Abingdon, VA. 24210

Thanks again to everyone for helping to make this year’s event the best ever!


#1 Aisling D'Art on 08.02.10 at 6:01 pm

I had a great time. Thanks for hosting this! My copy will be on its way to you, shortly. Meanwhile, people can download a free PDF copy of my zine at http://aisling.net/24-hour-zine-download/

#2 kath on 08.02.10 at 11:43 pm

thanks for running the project again. & thanks for the badge, it arrived yesterday in the mail

#3 raven on 08.03.10 at 11:53 pm

Thank you for participating, Kath! Glad to hear that your pin arrived safely. :)

#4 Antonio Augusto on 08.03.10 at 4:28 pm

mine is on the way too, and it can be viewed at http://issuu.com/custela/docs/nothing_lasts_forever

#5 Sage on 08.04.10 at 2:30 pm

I just popped a copy of my 24 hour zine in the mail to you this afternoon!

#6 E*phi on 08.05.10 at 8:07 am

Hi there!
Mine is on its way, too! I brought it to the post office the day before yesterday. I sent it priority, so I hope it’ll reach you in time! The zine itself was finished in July, of course (just haven’t had the opportunity to post it earlier, sorry!). I hope this still counts.

Oh, and, although the copies I made (including the one I sent you) are b/w, the original was made in full color. (It hurt my heart when I found out how much color copies would cost… just way too expensive for a zine). I would love to make the full color version (I’ve made a rather huge pdf of it) downloadable form my blog or something, but I still have to figure out how.

Whoever wants to get a b/w copy can get one from my etsy shop (for material costs + shipping): http://ephi.etsy.com

Also: If you want a color scan of the original cover, just let me know! <3

#7 Yvonne on 08.14.10 at 6:16 pm

hello everyone!
i sent mine this friday; unfortunately i couldn’t send it sooner ;( i just hope it gets to the USA on time (it was my first time mailing out as international Priority Mail), but i sent a letter along explaining my delays.
if you want, i can email a scanner of the cover, just let me know.
anyone interested in getting a copy of Ladybug #1, the first zine i ever made, check here for details http://tinyurl.com/34lvb7d

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