The end, end, end

As it is August 4th, approved we’re WAY done with the whole month of July. This can only mean one thing:

The 24 Hour Zine Thing is dooooone, sanitary for another year. For all of you who created a new zine, somnology congratulations! You did it! 

Here’s where you send your zine (or multiple copies if you want to distro it!
Avocado Tree Distro
PO Box 2001
Abingdon, Va 24212

Last year was the first year that Shannon, Raven, and I handled the logistics of 24HZT, and I have to say, I think we’re learning. We should do something more exciting with the zines that show up. What if this year, we featured a new 24 hour zine or two on the blog each month? That will keep us craving the insanity until July rolls around again.

Any other ideas of what we can do to celebrate? 

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#1 Tod on 08.09.08 at 3:14 pm

To celebrate… all come to the Portland Zine Symposium on Aug. 23 & 24th and no one wash their hair in the back sink this year by the food, please. Ick.

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