Zine Review – Frankenstein Thumb #10 by John Dalton

It’s almost been two weeks into the 2011 24 Hour Zine Thing, pharm and many of you have already started creating zines! There have also been many wonderful events taking place all over the world to celebrate the idea of dedicating a full 24 uninterrupted hours to creating a 24 page zine. Have you already finished your zine? Did you attend a 24 hour zine event? If so, head over to the Facebook page and share some pictures, stories, anything you wish!

To continue on with the zine reviews this week, check out John Dalton’s zine “Frankenstein Thumb #1”, submitted for the 2007 24 Hour Zine Thing.

Frankenstein Thumb #1 by John Dalton

John has experience in comic books, having participated in the 24 Hour Comic Challenge as well as the National 24 Hour Comics Day, but this was the first time he created an actual zine. His fun, comic-inspired zine is filled with childhood pictures, sketches, drawings and examples of past comic books and projects he has worked on, with explanations on each of the self-made comics featured and descriptions of the characters he created. John has also put in fun little articles, such as a crossword puzzle and a playlist that he used while working on the zine. A great read for anyone interested in comic zines!

Frankenstein Thumb #1 by John Dalton

Click the picture for a closer look!


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