Final countdown…

medications on Flickr”>24 hour zine aftermath
(’24 hour zine aftermath’ by Miss Paquita [who completed the zine above for last years challenge])

The last weekend of July is here, approved and that means that there are only a few days left to make a 24 hour zine! If you haven’t started yet, here are some great posts from the past week that will help start you off:

  • “Tutorial: how to make a one-sheet zine” – Keeping it simple
  • “How to make a zine: putting it on paper” – Which medium will you choose?
  • “How to make a zine: folding” – Binding techniques
  • “Procreate, duplicate, replicate” – photocopying is not your only option.
  • Four more brave participants have accomplished their goals and have managed to copy, assemble and send their zines already! Listed below are the latest zines received:

    1. Anonymosity – Green Power [a guide to eco-lifestyle]
    2. Jen Williams – The Power of Craft Compels You!!
    3. Persephone Pomegranate – Reclusive Obscenities
    4. Rob Brown – Zero hour! Printaissance Special Edition

    Congrats to all nine participants that have sent in their zine so far! If you have already completed your zine, be sure to send it in to this address to get your participant pin:

    Raven / 24 Hour Zine Thing
    PO Box 2001
    Abingdon, VA. 24210

    Good luck!


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