Zine Review – 10 Dirty Little Secrets by Shannon

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2011 Participants

Name: Erica Albanese
City: New York
State/Province: NY
Country: USA

Name: Silverfish
City: Hobart
State/Province: Tasmania
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: Creating a zine scene in Hobart, more about by making as many local
zines as possible, stomach connecting to the international zine community,
teaching people how to make zines, learning how to make better zines,
making zines…

Name: Rae Logios
City: omaha
State/Province: ne
Country: usa
Zine Goal: just to finally participate this year. c:

Name:Hannah Dostine
Zine Goal:To make a rad zine before the end of July.

City:Yorktown Heights
Zine Goal:24 pages on one of this year’s obsessions, TBD.

Name:Toronto Zine Library
Zine Goal:to make even more zines than last year! Come join the TZL again, this time in the Tranzac’s Tiki Room, as we draw, cut and paste! There will be zine-making supplies on hand, tasty snacks, and good tunes. For details check out our blog at torontozinelibrary.org or email us! xo

Name:Persephone Pomegranate
City:Manitou Springs
Zine Goal:A 24 page quarter issue of Reclusive Obscenities

Name:Rob Bowen
City:Manitou Springs

Zine Goal:make one! (:

Name: tough titties
City: sydney
State/Province: NSW
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: Create a zine with stories about women

Name: Will
City: London
State/Province: England

Name: Izzy Roberts-Orr
City: Melbourne
State/Province: Victoria
Country: Australia

Name: Doreen Baros
City: Bismarck
State/Province: North Dakota
Country: USA
Zine Goal: Create a 1/2 page 24 page Black & White zine that
incorporates hand-drawn images and text.

Name: Nicole Harris
City: Richmond
State/Province: VA
Zine Goal: 24 Page 1/8 size zine. I have never done a mini before so
this will be a new challenge.

Name: sbrc
City: Halifax
State/Province: Nova Scotia
Country: Canada

Name: ManDuh
City: Liverpool
State/Province: NY
Country: USA
Zine Goal: As I’m starting back to school in August and won’t have a
lot of extra time for zining, I’m shooting for doing a 24 hr zine
every Saturday in July.

Name: Mo Karnage
City: Richmond
State/Province: Virginia
Country: USA
Zine Goal: Either write issue number 6 of my zine Cuddle Puddles and
HOt Pants, or maybe write a political zine about some aspect of
anarchism. We are having this event at the Wingnut Anarchist
Collective and its being sponsored by the Richmond Zine Fest!

Name: Rachel Kopel
City: San Diego
State/Province: CA
Country: USA
Zine Goal: I actually made a 24HZ last July. Going for a second

Name: Miss Nico
City: Milwaukee
State/Province: Wisconsin
Zine Goal: Either to:
-Produce issue 7 of my zine Desensitized
-Write a new sex zine
-Let creation take me somewhere new!

Name: Kirsty Win
City: Auckland City
State/Province: Auckland
Country: New Zealand

Name: ro grimes
City: oklahoma city
State/Province: ok
Zine Goal: to make sure it’s better than my 24-hour comic!

Name: Hen House Distro
City: Birmingham
State/Province: AL
Country: USA
Zine Goal: Participate and host a 24 Hour Zine Thing event in Birmingham

Name: Mike Fiftysticks
City: Grand Rapids
State/Province: Michigan
Country: USA
Zine Goal: 24 pages of collaged, typed, written word, hand-drawn sweet goodness that drips into your brain like so much maple syrup that your brain is left hoping that on the next page I have written about my love of sweet and sour sauce just to complete the gourmet love meal I’ve just fed you. This is going to be one for the libraries friends, but alas, it won’t make it there, it will be so worn and wrinkled from its time spent on top of the toilet and traded with friends. Oh boy, here she comes…

Name: RR
City: Conway
State/Province: AR
Country: USA
Zine Goal: I’d like to try to do 1/2 size instead of 1/4 size this

Name: Brandy Erdmann
City: Athens
State/Province: Georgia
Country: USA

Name: Chiara
City: Canberra
State/Province: ACT

Name: Cass
City: Sydney
State/Province: NSW
Zine Goal: Have completed something within twenty four hours that I
can trade with other people!

Name: Antonio Augusto
City: São Paulo
State/Province: São Paulo
Country: Brazil

Name: Kim
City: Columbus
State/Province: OH
Country: USA
Zine Goal: To push the envelope – to free fall into ideas – to create
zine content in a way I never have before.

Name: Anna Cole
City: Rochester
State/Province: NY
Zine Goal: Make my first zine ever.

Name: Chani Asha
City: Brisbane
State/Province: Queensland
Country: Australia

Name: Andy Wesson
City: Birmingham
State/Province: Alabama
Country: United States
Zine Goal: To create a 24-hour zine produced off spontaneous
inspiration with the intention of positive social change.

Name: Raphael Kabo
City: Canberra
State/Province: ACT
Country: Australia

Name: Amanda
City: Wollongong
State/Province: NSW
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: To make it work.

Name: Kristy Reagan
City: Livingston
State/Province: TN
Zine Goal: To put my $ where my mouth has been.

Name: Lindsay Payne
City: Troy
State/Province: Michigan
Zine Goal: To create my first zine and learn how by doing it.

Name: Blaxter
City: Melbourne
State/Province: VIC
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: Alaysis/review/rant/history/memories of 24 different vinyl
records – Not sure how much text that should equate to? minimum of 500
words each record?

Name: E*phi
City: Hart-Purgstall
State/Province: Styria
Country: Austria
Zine Goal: Finally (!!) get my ass up and make a(nother) zine (and buy
*enough* chocolate for the process). ;D

Name: Mike Tolento
City: Santa Barbara
State/Province: CA
Zine Goal: I made a minicomic from the mid 90’s into the 2000’s called
Empty Life. I had great fun but it’s been a long time since I fucked
around with a copy machine. I never tried to make a 24 hour comic
because that’s too much of a challenge. There is no way I could
produce a decent comic in one day, but a zine is different. Banging
out 24 pages of any old writing will be a piece of cake…..I hope.

Name: Kagey
City: Toronto
State/Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Zine Goal: To incorporate autobio comics into my 24-hour zine. (Yeah!)

Name: Yvonne
City: Senhora da Hora
State/Province: Porto
Country: Portugal
Zine Goal: had a lot of fun in last year’s 24HZT, so i’d love to
repeat it again this year. besides, mostly i’m signing up to “push”
myself to do another zine, cause i still haven’t done another issue
since my first one last year!

Name: Dandy Dextrous
City: Richmond
State/Province: VA
Country: USA
Zine Goal: 24 hour epic on 24 pages of rock and roll sex metal
power… or fail. Fully written and illustrated of course.

Name: Shelly Brewer
City: Lawrence
State/Province: KS
Country: USA
Zine Goal: To simply start and finish this zine in 24 h

Name: shane bugbee
City: astoria
State/Province: oregon
Country: usa
Zine Goal: not sure until the second I start… talk about a
challenge. usually my goal as a creator is to upset, disturb, laugh,
think, learn all at once.

Name: Samantha Retton
City: Madera
State/Province: California
Zine Goal: To create the best zine I’ve ever done. 24 pages (10 more
than I’m used to), color, and tons of art as opposed to my usual
copious amounts of writing.

Name: Jennifer Monroe
City: Lynchburg
State/Province: VIRGINIA
Country: United States
Zine Goal: This will be only the second zine I’ve done! My goal is to
create something visually beautiful that makes people think about how
hard it is to be human, and that can breed compassion for others. (I
confess I’m not sure what you’re looking for here, but I’m rambling on

Name: Alex Wrekk
City: Portland
State/Province: Oregon
Country: USA
Zine Goal: I will complete a zine at the Portland Zine Symposium 24
hour Zine challege 7/16-17

Name: Hannah Sheehan
City: Springfield
State/Province: MO
Zine Goal: Issue #1 of my new perzine, Undestructable!

Name: Maria
City: Chillicothe
State/Province: Illinois
Country: USA
Zine Goal: to actually make a zine, please.

Name: Jodie Christ
City: Melbourne
State/Province: Victoria
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: Ferocity & awesomeness

Name: Michelle
City: Collingdale
State/Province: PA
Country: USA
Zine Goal: To get back into writing, drawing, and collaging a zine
together. I haven’t made one in over 10 years!

Name: Eryca
City: Los Angeles
State/Province: California
Country: USA
Zine Goal: I am going to make an 1/8 sized zine!

Name: Kelly
City: Iowa City
State/Province: IA
Zine Goal: Make it work!

Name: Rachel Yorro
City: Bristol
State/Province: PA

Name: Natalie
City: Chico
State/Province: CA

Name: Anonymosity
City: Sydney
State/Province: NSW
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: To make my first zine… in 24 hours.

Name: Werdy Girl
City: Pittsburgh
State/Province: PA
Country: USA
Zine Goal: To actually do it this year. July was utterly insane for me
last year– for personal reasons, so this year I’m going to see it

Name: Patrick
City: Portland
State/Province: Or
Zine Goal: to make a sweet 24 page comic zine.

Name: Pharoah Bolding
City: Portland
State/Province: Oregon
Zine Goal: To finish a complete 24-page comic of some nature in 24
hours, complete with cover!

Name: Jennifer
City: Albany
State/Province: WA
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: To explore my materials within 24 hours and create
something of interest.

Name: Kate Altermatt
City: Portland
State/Province: OR

Name: Christina “Blue” Crow
City: Portland
State/Province: OR
Country: USA
Zine Goal: To make a zine during the PZS 24hr Zine Challenge / fund
raiser! http://pdxzines.com/events/24hrzinechallenge/

I am going for a quarter-sized zine.

Name: Yasmine
City: Sydney
State/Province: NSW
Country: Australia
Zine Goal: To create my first zine in 24 hours.

Name: Jen Williams
City: Highland Park
State/Province: NJ
Country: USA
Zine Goal: Hmm.. I have no idea… then again I guess that’s the point
though? Maybe I’ll make something colorful?

Name: sylvia
City: los angeles
State/Province: california
Zine Goal: at least 16 pages of drawings and doodles. i don’t know how
to draw, so this should be interesting.

Name: Dixie Beaver (xox rachel e.)
City: Bristol
State/Province: PA
Country: USA
Zine Goal: I used to write a lot…. and in fact, I wrote zines… My
goal to to use this challenge as a way to unclug my creative block!
Reclaim my voice! Engage myself with internal banter about nothing
and everything! <3 xox rachel e. Dixie Beaver

Name: isabel xochitl
City: berkeley
State/Province: california
Zine Goal: collage, halfpage size zine! & i want to do it
simultaneously with a friend!

Name: Rick Silva
City: Marstons Mills
State/Province: MA
Country: USA
Zine Goal: Geeky parenting zine with stickfigure comics!

Name: ImagineNot
City: Copenhagen
State/Province: Copenhagen
Country: Denmark

Name: Maranda Elizabeth
City: Guelph
State/Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Zine Goal: To complete another issue of my annual 24-hour zine, Little
Acorns. Content to be determined as it happens.

10 Dirty Little Secrets

Shannon was one of the organizers for the 24 Hour Zine Thing for a few years, and created this amazingly honest 24 hour zine for the 2007 challenge. If you participated in the 2007 24HZT Grab Bag exchange, you were lucky enough to receive a copy of this zine!

Name: Shannon
City: Dieppe, New Brunswick
Zine Goal: Size: I’m predicting quarter size, or tall half size
Personal Challenge: I’d like to make something more artsy as opposed to my typical perzine, or themed issues. But we’ll see when it all happens! My zines are usually only 16 pages, so 24 will be more of a challenge.

For her 24 hour zine, Shannon decided to explore the idea of “dirty little secrets”, noting on her first page that “it depends on the person, to determine how horrible the thing that was done” truly is. She goes on to list her own top ten dirty little secrets, describing her own feelings towards each of the subjects and how she handles these secrets throughout her everyday life. The secrets range from past experiences that she now regrets, her own feelings about herself, as well as recent events that had posed a problem in her life. Probably one of the most personal zines submitted to the 24 Hour Zine Thing project, Shannon’s zine is definitely a must-read.

10 Dirty Little Secrets by Shannon
click to see larger version of image

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