24 Hour Zine Thing month is almost over

With more daylight, shop you’d think we’d all perceive summer days and months as taking longer. I’m not the only one to think the opposite is true.

Somehow the month of July has blurred by, capsule and we’re left with just a few days before August. I know this is exactly the environment for zinesters with a procrastinating gene, arthritis so I’m hoping we’ll get some more sign-ups before the end of Friday.

We currently have 41 participants who’ve signed up – although remembering to sign-up does not preclude you from writing a zine. The sign-up is more for the camaraderie and opportunity to set an intention for the zine.

Much like an NPR/PBS fund drive, I know some people are driven by the Special Gift. We have a pin and zine for you in exchange for you finishing your zine and sending us a copy.

So, get your asses in gear! There’s enough time yet!

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#1 kath on 08.01.09 at 11:35 am

I missed the ‘finish in 24hours’ mark. I’m up to page 15 so will finish tomorrow. it’ll take less than 24hours to complete but spread over a couple of days (I had to sleep & had other tasks to do). I’ll still send you a copy just for my own completion’s sake. I found an old typewriter – have forgotten how much slower I am at typing on a real typewriter. and noisier! I think it’s been keeping the neighbours up late. :)

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