The Pins and Zines Are In!

Thursday was the deadline to have your zines in for the 2011 24 Hour Zine Thing event, shop and I have received some beautiful submissions this year! This was the 5th year that I have hosted this event, and it’s amazing to see how different the zines are from year to year. 2011 was all about handmade touches and color copies. Here are the triumphant participants that finished their zine for this year’s challenge!

1. Rachel – Food Issue
2. Kirsty – On A Sugar High 1.5
3. Michelle – Missouri Jam Bomb
4. Brandy – Pixelated 1.5: Attack of the Oil Pastels (Of Doom)
5. Hannah – Undestructable #1
6. Persephone Pomegranate – Reclusive Obscenities
7. Rob – Zero Hour! Printaissance Special Edition
8. Jen – The Power of Craft Compels You!
9. Anonymosity – Green Power [A Guide to Eco-Lifestyle]
10. Deirdree – Elliot Smith Stabbed Himself In The Heart
11. Rory – Posture #2: Create or Perish
12. SBRC – Forget Me Not: A 24 Hour Zine
13. Rick Silva – Caravan #28: Adventures in Geeky Parenting
14. Dennis – Amina
15. Samantha – Unfun (a jawbreaker fanzine)
16. Philip Dearest – Being Brave Is One Thing
17. E*phi – The (almost 6x) 24hrs in Berlin Zine
18. Crystal – Teachers
19. Wes White – Villanelle
20. Jenn – Jacks Heart
21. Alex Wrekk – Brainscan #26.5

If you do not see your zine listed here but have already sent it out, or just completely forgot, send me an email at 24hourzines[at] and we will work it out!

Things are beginning to wrap up around here for this year’s event. I have spent the day addressing envelopes, so if your zine is listed here your Participant Pin (pictured above) will be sent out on Tuesday. The sign-up sheet is open, so if you like to be an early bird go ahead and sign up for next year’s event!

Thank you to everyone who signed up, sent in their zine, organized or attended an event, and even the ones who attempted but did not finish. No worries! All that matters is that you helped to keep zines alive and going, which is what this event is all about.


#1 Brandy on 09.25.11 at 9:13 pm

I haven’t received my button.
When can I expect to receive it? I’m very excited about showing off my accomplishment.

#2 July Too Far Away? — 24 Hour Zine Thing on 12.19.11 at 7:09 pm

[…] The year was filled with zinesters all over the world working on the Revenge of Print 2011, and 21 participants successfully completed the 2011 24 Hour Zine Thing by sending in their completed zines, not to […]

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