Review: Spelunking by Anke Wehner

Whether you are deep into your 24 hour zine making all-nighter or just waking up with your morning coffee and gathering your supplies, salve now would be the perfect time to get inspired by Anke Wehner’s zine “Spelunking”, a journey into the mind of Anke filled with black and white images and a clean, crisp layout.

Spelunking by Anke Wehner

Name: Anke
City: Neuwied, Germany
Zine Goal: complete a zine

On the contents page, Anke begins with a dictionary definition of the title of the zine – Spelunking – and explains that “This is a zine of whatever I had in mind at the time.” Composed of five mini-chapter and an “About” section, the zine offers a glimpse into the mind of Anke, from his extensive stamp collection to a tiny (but helpful) rant about leaving out accent marks and how this mistake may cause complications in translation. Found in between is a list of tips on preserving stamps, an explanation of the difference between French card decks and traditional German decks, as well as original artwork and hints on using multiple drawing techniques to improve your own artwork. Filled with decorative borders and personal tidbits, this zine is bursting with personality.

Spelunking by Anke Wehner - Inside Scan

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Good luck!


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