Zines need to be mailed by September 15.

Thanks to all who participated in the 24 Hour Zine Thing!

I’m sure there are still bits of paper and glue stuck to tables and carpets around the world. In fact, cialis 40mg there may be people stuck to tables and carpets still. That’s what a flurry of zinemaking does.

So now your zine is done, your fingers have healed, and you need to mail in your zine. We’re only taking zines until September 15. We’ll be scanning the covers and getting them online next. You’ll then receive a 24HZ packet of goodness.

Here’s where you send it!
Avocado Tree Distro
PO Box 2001
Abingdon, Va 24212

tick tock

24 hours left! Well, story more than that, but basically there’s today and tomorrow and that’s it. We’re gearing up for the awesome zines that will be coming in. We’ll blog here when we get all the scans done and the gallery up. In the meantime, you have a quick 24 to finally participate! Eee! Go do it!

Half a month left, but really you only need one day.

July is half over, more about which means we’re rolling up on the end of 24 Hour Zine month. We’ve been trying to reach far and wide to let people know about this event, prostate but even if you’re just discovering it now, know that it only takes a day to do the challenge, so it’s not too late to sign up!

The last day you have to make your zine is July 31. It doesn’t have to be postmarked by the 31, like taxes or college applications or anything. Just have it done by the 31st, and mail it on over to us.

54, ah ah ah

Tonight when I checked the email and added in the new names, viagra we topped 50 people who have signed up to stare down the face of laziness and sleep in the name of creativity and zines!

And we also got our first zine submission! Triumphantsimatism! I realize that we haven’t actually given the proper address to send the zines – but if you’re done and want to get the damned thing off before it gets lost under your bed, please, send your finished bits to:

Avocado Tree Distro
PO Box 2001
Abingdon, Va 24212

If you want to have copies of your zine for sale through us (aka: the 24 Hour distro), send a little email our way and let us know. We’ll send you specific instructions written as icing on a cake you then have to destroy/eat.

Turning 24 Hour Zine Thing into an event

I’m a youth services librarian in a public library, prostate and I’m going to host a 24 Hour Zine Thing. We’ll be meeting at the library at 4 p.m. Most of these kids haven’t heard of a zine, let alone made one before, so we’ll talk about what a zine is, look at some examples, and get down to business: the library provides paper, glue sticks, markers, pens, collage fodder, and some background music. The kids can work on their zines, asking questions and getting advice as they get started. Then, the kids go home.

The next day, we’ll meet at 3 p.m. The kids will bring their in-process (and h0pefully close to done) zine, and we’ll finish up and make copies to trade.

It’ll be a good way to introduce zines to my community, provide an activity for these summer-vacation-crazy kids, and maybe even get some local zines in our collection.

Button design contest

With the 24 hour zine thing just around the corner, more we’ve been brainstorming on how to proceed. Each year, dermatologist participants get a button for their efforts. This year we’re going to continue with that, treatment but we’re throwing in a twist. How would you like to design this year’s 24 hour zine thing button? Fame and fortune won’t be yours, but just think of how many places your button might travel!

The buttons are going to be circular 1″ wide. Bigger images will be sized down to that. If you draw it at 1″, leave a little bit of a border in your design so the edge isn’t blank. Submission will be accepted until mid-July, and then voted on. The most adored shall become this year’s zine scene button.

Send your submissions (and any questions) to design@24hourzines.com.

You can also submit designs via the postal service:
Button Design c/o Sunday
45 Center St.
Fairhaven, MA 02719

28 is great

A grand total of 28 people have signed up for the 24 Hour Zine Thing! You can sign up any time before the deadline of July 31.

What are the things you will need to complete your zine? Beyond paper and pen, treatment what things are necessary for your creative process? Gummi worms? Jay Z’s Black Album? Let us know in the comment section what you’ll be stocking up on.

Sign up form ready for action

You can now sign up to become a part of this year’s 24 Hour Zine Thing! There’s space to describe your goal, order whether it be to make a tabloid-size zine, only write the truth, or only write using yogurt.

Thanks to Wadsbone for crafting the sign-up form.

Hello zinester!

I’m listening to We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, buy more about by Modest Mouse, and filling in the most important information to make this a functional site.

We’ll have a sign-up form up in the next day or two.