Another Year and Six New Zines!

First zine received for #24HZT2013! Safety Second! by Betty Rae
Photo used under Creative Commons from Magical Mugz Studios on Flickr

The 24 Hour Zine Thing 2013 has now come to an end, viagra and the zines are starting to roll in! Here are the zines received so far:

  • Safety Second! by Betty Rae, discount USA
  • Boats, Bikes & Bars: Drunk Confessions & Gay Chatter on the Gulf of Mexico by Zinefandel, USA
  • Purple Myrtle Squeegy #6 by Hadass, Israel
  • It’s About Time by Rachel Kopel, USA
  • Booklyn Takes On The Twenty Four Hour Zine Challenge by Booklyn Artists Alliance, USA
  • My Book of Personal Prayers by Theresa Williams, USA
  • Congrats to these six brave souls who kicked some 24 hour zine butt! I am putting the finishing touches on the 2013 Participant Pin design, and pins will be ordered this weekend. If you don’t see your zine listed above, send me a Tweet to let me know you’re done!

    Don’t have Twitter? Leave a post on the Facebook page, or a comment below! Share what your zine is about, tell us a little bit about your process, and don’t forget to send in your zine by September 1, 2013 to this address:

    24 Hour Zine Thing
    PO Box 2001
    Abingdon, VA 24210


    migraine on Flickr”>Zines at Downtown Books & NewsZines at Downtown Books & News by Raven/MagicalMugzStudios

    You may have noticed a few changes around the 24 Hour Zine Thing website lately:

  • The Participants page has been updated and rearranged by location! Now you can find others in your area that are also participating in this year’s event.
  • After tons of questions, ambulance participant response, and a lot of thinking, the official rules for the 24 Hour Zine Thing have slightly changed. Check out the brand new Frequently Asked Questions page for the latest updates.
  • Check out the Contact page for links to the Twitter and Facebook page, as well as buttons that you can use to tweet us questions and stay in touch with other participants using the #24HZT hashtag.
  • And more great changes are coming soon! Do you have an idea on how this site/event could be even better? Tweet it, post it on our Facebook wall, leave a comment on the blog or e-mail it, and I will work to put it in action!

    It’s That Time Again!

    This year’s 24 Hour Zine Thing is right around the corner, syringe and it will be here before you know it! Participating in the 24 Hour Zine Thing is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    1. Sign-up as a participant!

    Head to the Sign Up page and complete the brand new form.
    Want to see who is already signed up? You can view this year’s current participant list (and find links to past participants) on our Participants page.

    2. “Like” the Facebook Page!

    People are already talking about this year’s event over on the

    3. Follow us on Twitter!

    Find us at!/24HZT, and be sure to use #24HZT to join the conversation and keep everyone posted on your progress!

    And that’s it! Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for July 1st to roll around. In the meantime, check out the interviews, zine reviews, and tutorials we have throughout the site to get the creative juices flowing!

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    Five zines received and events!

    Congratulations to the first participants to complete this year’s challenge!

    1. Food Issue by Rachel
    2. On A Sugar High one point five by Kirsty
    3. Missouri Jam Bomb by Michelle
    4. Pixelated issue 1.5 by Brandy
    5. Undestructable number one by Hannah

    There are over 70 participants signed up, viagra 60mg and there is still plenty of time to get started with making your zine!

    The Toronto Zine Library 24 Hour Zine Challenge is currently happening at the Tranzac Club (292 Brunswick Ave). Check the Calendar tab for more information, look and the Toronto Zine Library blog.

    Speaking of events, have you organized or attended a 24 hour zine event? I’m looking to put together a resource for anyone interested in hosting/organizing a 24 hour zine event and would love to hear some stories about what worked, what didn’t, and any ideas on how to organize a great event! Feel free to post them in the comments on this post, on the Facebook page, or e-mail them to me at 24hourzines[at] .

    Zine Review – Culture Slut #10 by Amber

    For the second week of the 2011 24 Hour Zine Thing, treatment we will be featuring a variety of zine reviews each day from past years. Hopefully the reviews and cover/inside scans will inspire you on your own 24 hour zine-making journey!

    We will start off today’s review post with a wonderful zine completed during the 2007 24 Hour Zine Thing by Amber. Amber has written her perzine Culture Slut since 2004, visit this site and created a compilation zine called Fight Boredom in 2007, medicine dedicated to featuring ideas on how to fight boredom and appreciate the wonderful aspects of living in a small town. She also runs Fight Boredom Distro, and maintains her blog, Hello Amber!

    Culture Slut #10 by Amber

    Name: Amber Farthing
    City: Lindsay, Ontario
    Zine Goal: Just to write a good zine, I guess. I write a perzine
    called Culture Slut and I currently have nine issues out. Issue ten
    will be done in 24 hours.

    Inside page scan of Culture Slut #10 by Amber

    I’m still amazed that Amber was able to conquer the 2007 24 Hour Zine Thing challenge by creating the 10th issue of her zine, Culture Slut, within only 24 hours. Neatly handwritten capitalized letters fill the light blue pages of her zine, along with torn scrap paper pasted underneath stickers, stamps and clip arts. The text itself reads a lot like a letter from a good friend, with one topic leading to another, and then another, such as Amber’s fondness of lists, the “art parties” she throws, pop culture, and feelings about life, the future, and a little bit of everything in between.

    One more review for the night

    Pulling an all-nighter? Working on your second 24HZT submission? Take a break from the late night zine-making, more about make some coffee, side effects add 24 Hour Zine Thing on Facebook and enjoy this review of Nicci’s fantastic cooking zine, “Cook This! #1”.

    Cover scan of Nicci's zine
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    Keep ‘Em Comin’! Deadline Announced!

    July seems to be flying by, look and there is only one week and three days left to complete your 24 hour zine. Have you started yet? If you have already completed your zine, pop it in the mail to this address:

    Raven / 24 Hour Zine Thing
    PO Box 2001
    Abingdon, VA 24210

    and then head over to the Mail Box Page to track when your zine has been received and when your button has been sent out. The official deadline for all 2010 24 Hour Zine Thing zines is Friday, August 20th, 2010, which should give international participants time to get their zines through the mail.

    Also, please remember that you can submit your zines for consignment in the 24 Hour Zine Thing Distro, which is currently under construction while all the zines are being uploaded and added. If you are interested in consignment, please fill out the form found on the Consignment Page and include with your 2010 24 Hour Zine Thing completed zine, as well as the extra copies that you would like distro’ed.

    Here’s a zine review for all you night owls, and check back within the next hour for another one!

    Cover scan of Kim's zine
    [outside cover – black felt]

    Inside cover scan of Kim's zine
    [inside cover]

    Goat Farm by Kim Riot
    Name: Kim Riot
    City: San Diego, CA
    Zine Goal: A docu-mini style zine dedicating my years living and
    breathing heavy metal as a girl.

    Kim’s zine “Goat Farm” is the first zine I have ever received that featured felt as the cover, which really makes her zine stand out, and ties in perfectly with the overall theme. Staying true to the subtitle, “musings of a metal muff”, Kim retells of her experience as a female in the metal scene, and memories of the mindset and behavior of the ladies at shows she attended. Kim also includes an awesomely collaged “The Five Most Metal Animals” section, and includes a guide for spotting “The Types of Metal Heads”. Kim combines musical experiences with personal writing to create a unique, informative 24 hour zine.

    Inside scan of Kim's zine

    Be sure to check back later for more reviews!

    Congrats to Rachel!

    Congratulations to Rachel of San Diego, sale California for completing her 24 hour zine and sending it in! Rachel’s cute little zine “Pilgrim” arrived in my post office box today, marking the first zine received for this years challenge.

    Finished with your zine and can’t wait to release it to the world? Send your zine to:

    Raven / 24 Hour Zine Thing
    PO Box 2001
    Abingdon, VA. 24210

    Good luck to everyone and leave a comment with how you are doing with your 24 hour zine!

    Portland Zine Symposium 2nd Annual 24 Hour Zine Challenge!

    The Portland Zine Symposium is sponsoring their 2nd Annual 24 Hour Zine Challenge! Here is some information from their website:

    Calling all ambitious zinesters! You’re invited to the 2nd Annual, more about 24hr Zine Challenge, presented by the Portland Zine Symposium and the Independent Publishing Resource Center…

    Who: The Portland Zine Symposium and awesome zinesters like you!
    What: The 2nd Annual 24hr Zine Challenge
    Where: The Independent Publishing Resource Center, 917 SW Oak St. #218
    Why: To make zines and support PZS!
    When: July 24th at 10:00am until July 25th at 10:00am

    Zines are awesome and July is International Zine Month! Get yourself one more zine finished for your PZS table, make some new friends over the dizzying madness of staying up too many hours, and help support the Portland Zine Symposium!

    We will be providing some supplies (paper, glue, scissors, etc), snacks, and drink – anything you can bring will help. Bring any supplies you normally like to make zines with that you just can’t live without! Also, you might want to bring pillows, snacks, and blankets… We are also asking registrants for a $5 donation which will help us cover any costs for supplies and food that are not donated, so we can make sure your well fed and fully supplied. The IPRC has two copy machines on hand to help you create your fabulous zine, available for 5 cents per side for members (trial membership is $25) and 10 cents per side for nonmembers.

    In addition to being a quite awesome challenge, this event will also be a major fund raiser for the Portland Zine Symposium

    If you can’t make it to the event, you can find a list of registrants on our website (here: and pick one to sponsor, marathon style! Once you’ve chosen a lucky challenger to back, we’ll list you under their name as a supporter and you will only be asked to make the donation you’ve pledged if the challenger completes their zine. If you pledge more than $10, we’ll provide you with a copy of the zine they’ve created! You pledge helps us raise funds to keep PZS affordable to table at for zine-makers (half table at the symposium are $20 for the whole weekend) and free to attend for zine-appreciators. To support a 24hr Zine Challenger, just email with the name of the lucky participant you want to back and the amount you’d like to pledge.

    If you’re a challenger, request a form to print out to ask people to sign up on if they’d like to sponsor you, or you can direct them to our website (specifically here: from your blog or website and share the link on your favorite social network (email/facebook/twitter/etc.) to allow your friends to pledge. Your amazing creativity and endurance will really help us make the event a success!

    We will also have a live video feed set up at the 24hr Zine Challenge, just like last year, so zine supporters anywhere can encourage the 24hr Zine Challengers and so 24hr Zine Sponsors can check in on who they’ve backed!

    Are you a local business? The 24hr Zine Challenge is just another outreach event brought to the community by PZS that you can help out with. If you’re interested in donating any food or treats to help keep our zinesters going their full 24 hours. You donation would be listed here, right on our front page, and on our 2010 Sponsors page!

    Please call Katie (804-514-8413) if you would like to make a donation to this event or to Portland Zine symposium.

    Preregistration is REQUIRED as space is limited! Email or call Blue at (503) 453-5839 to register before time runs out!

    If you are in Portland, take advantage of this great opportunity and sign up! If you are not in the area, consider sponsoring a 24 Hour Zine Challenger and helping the Portland Zine Symposium at the same time!

    Week One Wrap-up: Where are you? & Interview!

    Today marks the end of the first week of the 2010 24 Hour Zine Thing. Where is everyone with their zine making process? Tell us how you are doing in the comment section, cure along with any questions and tips for others working on their zine.

    As a special treat to wrap up week one, here is an interview with Ainsley Yeager, the extremely talented artist who designed the 24 Hour Zine Thing Participant Pins, and a review of her 2007 24 Hour Zine Thing submission, “Desk Play”.

    Ainsley Yeager

    1. Why did you decide to participate in the 24 Hour Zine Thing challenge?
    At the time I didn’t exactly have many zines done. I had just started getting into the community and zines in general and I saw the 24 hour zine thing as a way to both connect with other zinesters and start figuring out what kind of zines I wanted to make in the future.

    2. What type of pre-planning, if any, did you do before starting on your 24 hour zine?
    The only pre-planning I really did was learn how to do stab binding. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that my goal for it was to just make x amount of copies of a zine that was bound in a more unique way than saddle stitch (stapling).

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