Review: Spelunking by Anke Wehner

Whether you are deep into your 24 hour zine making all-nighter or just waking up with your morning coffee and gathering your supplies, salve now would be the perfect time to get inspired by Anke Wehner’s zine “Spelunking”, a journey into the mind of Anke filled with black and white images and a clean, crisp layout.

Spelunking by Anke Wehner

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24 Hour Zine Thing 2009!

The challenge:

During any consecutive 24 hours during the month of July, prostate create a zine. Sign up  here before you begin, info to help motivate you into finishing. When you’re done, send us a copy of the zine, and we’ll show it off on the site.

The 24 Hour Zine Thing begins July 1! Check back here for updates and pics of zines.